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Userinfo_endpoint missing in discovery document

I’m trying to hook this up with Azure AD B2C.

The error is:

Issuer metadata missing the following attributes: userinfo_endpoint

But the spec. says it’s “Recommended” not “Required”.

" userinfo_endpoint

RECOMMENDED. URL of the OP’s UserInfo Endpoint [OpenID.Core]. This URL MUST use the https scheme and MAY contain port, path, and query parameter components."


We also found it and fixed it in our internal version that will be out soon.

We are not using the userinfo endpoint, so if you want to hack this you can download the metadata document, add a fake userinfo endpoint, upload it somewhere, and point to it. That should make it work.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Cool - please ping me when it’s released.



We shipped a new iteration of the OIDC connection that does not have this limitation.

New docs are here