User interfaces

There are different ways to use the Auth0 Signals API, and the simplest ones are those that make use of user interfaces that facilitate its handling. These are the main options available:


From the Auth0 Signals website, it is possible to consult the risk level of IP addresses. If the user has already signed up, he/she will be able to find out additional information such as the individual score, geolocation, or information about the network to which the resource belongs. The design of this web interface focuses on who needs quick access to information. If the user needs to access a higher level of intelligence or consult other types of resources such as domains, mail, or stand-alone system numbers, additional options are available.

Slack Bot

The Slack Bot for Auth0 Signals is a new way to interact with the API with all the advantages that a collaboration tool like Slack offers. With this bot, users can consult the information about IP addresses and domains so that the results are easily shared with other Slack users in private channels and groups. Besides, this bot offers more advanced capabilities such as generating reports on large sets of IP addresses, reading files uploaded to the workspace.

You can start the installation of the Slack Bot from here, or from the home page of the Auth0 Signals website.

Command-Line Interface (CLI)

The Signals Command-Line Interface offers a tool to take advantage of all the features of the API right from the command line interface of the user’s favorite Operating System. Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and several popular GNU/Linux distributions can run Signals CLI. But if the Operating system can execute Python, it can run the CLI.

Please read the installation instructions here.

More options

There are more tools, SaaS products, and open source projects that use the Auth0 Signals API. See the Tools category for other ways to get the most out of the API.

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