User information by access_token

Hi there,

I am using the social connection to get the user logged in to our application.
I am getting the success response from the auth0 using the social connection. but i am not able to read the access token which i am getting from the auth0 side.
The response which i am getting from the auth0 is:

This access token is for social connection and i am using the “userinfo” api which you already mentioned in the your document. This is not working when we were using the social connection. This is working when i am using the auth0 connection. I don’t know why is this happening.

So, Please help me out with this and give me the way how can i get the user information using this access token.

Hi @kapil_Shahi,

Please take a look at this FAQ about access token formats:

You can use this token to make a request to the /userinfo endpoint to retrieve the user profile.

Alternatively, you can request an ID token:

Hope this helps!


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