User Deleted by Tenant Admin Receives Un-Unsubscribable Email

Hi there, first of all thanks for Auth0, it’s a great service :slight_smile:

There’s a bug when a user signs up for a tenant (and subscribed to the Auth0 mailing list) and then that user is deleted by the admin:

  1. A user signs up for an Auth0 tenant
  2. The admin of the tenant deletes that user
  3. That user continues to receive email from Auth0
  4. The user clicks on the Unsubscribe link, enters the email, and receives this error message:

Probably because the user doesn’t exist anymore.

So the user probably will start marking these emails as spam, which is not great for Auth0.

Probably when #2 happens above, somewhere in your system it needs to delete the user from the email subscriptions.

Or, alternatively, look up the user via the active subscription on this unsubscribe page, so that it doesn’t fail looking up the email address.

I mentioned this to Sam Julien, who will also pass this along internally.



Hey there @karlhorky!

Thanks for reporting that. I passed the info to our product team so they should take care of that soon.

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Thanks @konrad.sopala!

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