Usecase for SaaS?

Hi Everybody,
Trying to integrate Auth0 for my SaaS. Wanted to understand if Auth0 is the best choice for my use case and how to implement it? My backend is in AWS and I’m using API Gateway. Running from multiple regions.

My clients will use CLI to authenticate. Need to provide them a way to input username/password using the command line, and also to be able to authenticate by popping up a browser. I’m developer myself, but would need just a little bit of help on integrating Auth0. Already got things running with AWS Cognito though.

Also, need to be able to group users from same company into one. So that they have a shared access. In some cases would want to be able to isolate subgroups so that different BUs under same tenant company can have different access scope.


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No thanks, but I was hoping for much sooner response.

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