Use Googles One-Tap-Sign-In with Auth0


I’m currently trying to set up One-Tap Sign-In with Auth0. This topic was already discussed here.

For me the login initially works, the popup opens, I can click on my Google Account, I receive a callback and extract the email address from it. To then call the authorize method of Auth0 passing the login_hint parameter with the value of the extracted email.

In theory this should now skip the Google Sign In screen and do some sort of “silent login” as the session on the Google side already exists for that e-mail (to my understanding). Yet instead of login me in in the background, I always get promoted the “Sign in with Google” screen where I need to select my email again.

Anyone here has made it work?

E: Besides that I’ve tried passing prompt='none' to the authorize function call. Yet I get redirected to the account selection prompt. At this point I’m not sure if the problem is within the one-tap-sign-in or more in the silent sign-in with Google in general…