Use Authorization Code flow only , not PKCE in express-openid-connect | Node js

This is regarding express-openid-connect SDK. I want to use Authorization code flow only, not Authorization code + PKCE.
But so far I have not been able to figure out to how to achieve it. I have gone through the documentation and have not found anything would help me override the default behavior.
This is sample config snippet I am using as of now.
const config = {

  authRequired: true,

  auth0Logout: true,

  secret: process.env.SECRET,

  clientID: process.env.CLIENT_ID,

  issuerBaseURL: process.env.ISSUER_BASE_URL,

  baseURL: process.env.BASE_URL,

  routes: {

    // Override the default login route to use your own login route as shown below

    login: false


  clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET,

  authorizationParams: {

    response_type: 'code',

    //audience: process.env.AUTH0_AUDIENCE,

    scope: 'openid'