Upgrade existing tenants to new US domain format

We developed conventions for naming auth0 tenants and the associated domains, and have been bitten by the change in the format of the Domain that was implemented recently.

First, we now have domains in 2 different formats – with and without the us. prefix. We have about 5 tenants, named according to our convention, so we can’t delete them, which use the Domain format without the us. prefix and one of our current tenants as well as all of our future tenants, using the format with the us. prefix.

So, my question is how we can get the domains updated for our older tenants. I expect that would be a data change on the Auth0 side.

If we could reuse domain names, then we could delete the tenant and recreate it with the same name.



Hi @Bergbrains

Thanks for reaching out about this, and sorry to hear the update to our naming conventions has caused this headache. Unfortunately we are unable to migrate legacy tenants to the new .us prefix as this update would be far from trivial on our side. I’ve spoken previously with engineering regarding these requests and at this time this isn’t something we can feasibly offer.

A possible consideration, if you’re not already doing so, is to use custom domains rather than the auth0 domain which could allow you to follow some naming convention of your choosing.

Best Regards,