Update User Root Attributes with Management API

Hi Community!

Is there any way for a user to update his profile root attributes like name, email, picture?

Here is a workflow of our system:

  1. Our app doesn’t use Universal authentication. User Login/SignUp using Username-Password-Authentication/google-oauth2 (auth0-js)
  2. In the User Profile page, I want our app to allow a user to update his/her profile root attributes like name, email, picture. I could be able to update user_metadata with auth0 doc guide. But, what I want is updating root attributes, not user_metadata. (I’m trying to update root attributes by using Management API - PATCH api/v2/users/{id}. I’m not sure this API is available only for an admin user level. Normal users can update their profile attributes by using this PATCH API?
  3. After updates user attributes, our app needs to get a new token including updated user information from auth0. Is there any way to implement this solution?

Thanks a lot !

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Hello! Welcome to our community.

  1. You can use our Management API to update profile root attributes.
  2. You can implement “Re-authenticate” for this case.

Let us know if that works for you!


Hi, Thanks for the response

  1. The logged-in user can update his/her profile root attributes with his/her JWT? Using Management API?
  2. Re-authenticate means logout/login again in our system?