Universal Login with multiple IdP

Hello everyone!

I’m starting to use Auth0 to enable my customers to use SSO with any Identity Provider that they want.
I’m using the universal login for this, but i’m a little confused about how it will works with my application.
We have a cloud SaaS application and we want that our current users sign in at the app using our own login method, but when some company wants that their users connect in our application with SSO, we want to use the Auth0 Universal Login.

I did some tests and already implemented this feature, but my doubts are:
What I need to configure in Auth0 for every IpD and customer?
For example, we have one company called “ABC” that uses Okta, one company called “DEF” that uses Oracle and more two companies called “XYZ” and “ZYX” that uses OneLogin.

It’s necessary create one connection for every customer that we have? ( Inside Connections > Enterprise > SAML )

Creating one connections for each customer, when we open the Universal Login’s page, it shows:

  • Connect with ABC
  • Connect with DEF
  • Connect with XYZ
  • Connect with …

I didn’t like this method, it’s possible ask only the user and password and the Universal Login connect directly to the respective Identity Provider?

One more question, It’s possible create groups of users and when the user logs in know which group he belongs to? Also, can the same user be in more than one group?