Universal login + Passwordless authentication

Hi, currently I have an app using the universal login with lock (email/password).
And now we want to implement this new feature that includes sending an email with a link that automatically logs the user in. The process would be like this:

  1. The user gets a new notification.
  2. We send an email saying that there are new notifications and a link to go to the notifications section.
  3. The user clicks the link and gets automatically logged in, and redirected to the notifications section.


  1. Is the passwordless feature recommended for this kind of behavior?
  2. We can combine our current login (lock) with the passwordless log in, having both working correctly?
  3. In case both questions above are positive, is there any way to have multiple templates for passwordless emails? (In case we in the future decide to have the notifications email and another one, for example ‘new messages email’)