Universal Login Password Reset will say email sent even when there is no account for the specified email address

Is there any way of stopping this?


Hey there @briannmm!

Can you send me your tenant name via private message to let me dig into that?

I sent you my tenant name via DM.

Thank you!

Thank you! Will look into that and get back to you soon!

Was there any update on this?

Hey there @briannmm!

Not yet but we’re investigating that. Can you also let me know whether you use the Classic Universal Login or the new one? Thank you!

It was the classic one, thanks

Hey there Brian!

Managed to confirm that it might be more this specific case / tenant related. Can I ask you to record a HAR file of the whole flow so that i can see what is happening behind the scenes of the browser and what http status code we get. Thank you! Here’s the instruction:

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