Universal Login - multiple connections

What I’m trying to achieve - I have two auth0 applications: App 1 and App 2 - both using different connections: Connection1 and Connection2. I have two types of users: User1 and User 2. I will set it up so that User 1 for connection 1 and user 2 for connection 2. In this case, how would I set up an app that when user 1 logs in they’re redirected to App 1 and if they’re user 2 they’re redirected to App 2.

Right now I used the Django Quickstart (for App 1) to setup universal login with client ID and secret of App 1. But currently, it works only if connection 1 user logs in and if connection 2 user logs in then it says access denied. I want it to redirect to App 2 since I’m using Universal login. I have followed the Django quickstart step by step. So I don’t know what’s going on.

I’m stuck and trying to move on to the next step, but can’t seem to get anywhere.

Universal login will redirect you back to whichever app you came from. So you could have your “user 1” users go to “app1.foo.com” and your “user 2” users go to “app2.foo.com”. After logging in they will be redirected back to app1 / app2 respectively.

user1 -> app1 --                            --> app1
                 \                        /
                   --> Universal Login --
                 /                        \
user2 -> app2 --                            --> app2

@markd Thanks for the response! That does clarify some questions I had about auth0 in general. How/where would I set it up so that my “user 1” users go to app1.foo.com and “user 2” users go to app2.foo.com.

Or can I not do that? Would it just depend on which app they went to? So “user 1” type users they’d have to go to app1.foo.com to be able to login?

I thought regardless they should be able to go to app.foo.com and then be redirected to app1.foo.com or app2.foo.com. Am I missing something here?

I have 2 separate apps set up and working fine, but having trouble integrating them together so that it works as I described above.

Really appreciate all the help! :slight_smile: