Universal login error page shown when navigating back in the browser

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well and staying safe during the pandemic.

I’m using the universal login and there is an error screen shown when you navigate back in the web browser.

Is there any way of avoiding this page that is shown or to replace the history with the web application home page URL?


Hey there!

Which one do you mean and in what case you get it? Can you share the screenshot? Thanks!

@konrad.sopala this is the screen displayed after logging in and pressing the back button.

Gotchya! So it’s basically up to you in terms how you wanna handle it. You can shape the behaviour here by using these two docs of ours:

(I’ll be out for the next two weeks as I’m going on vacation so I will be able to followup on any further struggles you have in two weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding that)


Would it be possibly for you to log in to see the issue?

Visit https://gippea.app. Sign in using a social handle or with a valid email and password (and verify your email address).

Once you have logged in. Press the browser back button and then the image in the thread above will be shown.

What we want to achieve is that this page is not shown and the https://gippea.app page is shown instead.