Unable to send verification emails, and forgot password emails to yahoo accounts

I am currently unable to send verification emails to any yahoo account. The forgot password is a side effect of the not being able to verify the user. I am using Sengrid as a dedicated mail service. I am able to receive emails for all other domain accounts, besides Yahoo. When I send the verification email I get a success message on the dashboard logs, however the email never arrives. I have created multiple yahoo accounts to test this and the result is the same. I have checked spam and all other folders, the accounts have been verified and are receiving other emails. I am currently using "auth0-js": "^9.13.2", any help will be greatly appreciated.

HI @fpolica91

All the evidence points to Yahoo. Use your SendGrid account to send to a Yahoo address (directly, without Auth0 in the picture and see what happens.

I run my own mail server. 3 or 4 years ago I had an issue where I was sending an email to a Yahoo address, and Yahoo just dropped it. It was not sent to Spam/Junk, and Yahoo reported to my mail server it was delivered.

I found this: How to white list in Yahoo Mail (updated for 2020) – Whitelist Guide
Probably not helpful, but shows the issues with dealing with Yahoo mail.