Unable to connect to site after login (HTTPS problem)

Hello, am trying to run docker build of Mozilla’s Common Voice project (source code can be found here: https://github.com/mozilla/voice-web/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md). Auth0 implement work perfectly when using http, login with no problem. But after I configured https for the website, it got errors.
I still be able to access to login page, then after click login, it redirect me to this URL:
Notice that it transfer me from https to http page

From what you describe the Auth0 service is redirecting to HTTP instead of HTTPS, however, the URL to which the service redirects to after authentication depends on your own configuration both at the tenant dashboard and also in the client application itself.

If you can capture a network trace (HAR) of the login attempt then we may be able to review the authentication request and the tenant configuration to see what could possibly be the problem. Be sure to redact sensitive information like passwords from the HAR before sharing.