Unable to change password for a user

I tried to change user password from users > user details > actions > change password

After entering new password twice I click save and get the following message telling me “email or username required”. :

This feature always worked for me until today.

Someone else had faced the same problem and it was resolved by Auth0 backend team.
Unable to change user password

Hi @spadmin,

Following up from an email thread.

It was mentioned that this was isolated to one user. Is that still the case? If you can recreate the issue, please do so then look at the log and relay the error message you are receiving. In addition, DMing me the name of the tenant and the id of the user is helpful.



Can you provide the steps necessary to reproduce this issue?

Go to Admin portal
Go to User profile page for the specific user
Choose Change Password
Enter New Password and Save
I get an error for this user.
For other users, successful password change


I have reported the issue to team and will respond back here with any further information.