Unable to access auth0 console


I’m unable to sign in to https://manage.auth0.com/ with my linked microsoft account.
It worked fine yesterday. Today I just get redirected to the login screen again.
When i’m trying to sign in to https://support.auth0.com/ the same thing happens so I’m not able to create a support ticket or post to this forum from that account. :frowning: ()
Does anyone know where to turn to get support?

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Hi @tor.jonsson,

Welcome to the Community!

I can help you with this. I just tested a new Microsoft login and was able to sign up for a new account and logout and sign back in without any issues. With this in mind, can you try a few things to see if it is related to your browser?

  • Can you try to login in an incognito/private browsing window?
  • Try a different browser

Let me know how that goes

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