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Trying to figure out how auth0 would work with salesforce?



At my company, we are using Salesforce which has all of our customer accounts information. I am currently building a new website for our customers. This website would allow our customers to log in on the site and will be able to view their account information and pay bills. This seems all simple enough, however, I am confused how auth0 would be used solely to authenticate our users to the new site? In addition, I would like to point out that auth0 would be holding the username and password for our customers in their database.

Another point of confusion is that currently all of our customer’s accounts in Salesforce have a unique id which is used to identify a given account.

  1. How would all these accounts have their username and passwords generated, to begin with?
  2. How would the account ids be paired with the generated usernames and passwords that would exist in auth0? (I am thinking that I would have to export all of the accounts ids to auth0 where all the ids would have their pair of username and password generated. Is this correct?) Also, this is just temporary information till the customer will reset their credentials.