Tokens keep expiring jst after a few hours

Hello everyone,
Does anyone know why my tokens keep expiring after a few hours? I doesn’t really matter how much I input in seconds. It keeps expiring.
Any ideas?
Thank you

Hi samuel-js,

Welcome to community,

To set id token expire time you need to go to relevant application and scroll down the page and you will see section to set id_token expiration time.


Thanks for providing that knowledge here Rashid!

Hej Rashid,
I had the same time both in the API and the App. I’ll change it again and get back to you if it still happens.
But, how does the API’s Token expiration affect the app then?

Thank you!

Sorry, it keeps resetting the Token. I have the same time in both the app and the API.
Any ideas?

Have you verified expire time token?

Just go to and past your token and see details in the jwt token and verify setting expire time is working or not.

Hi Rashid!
My App and API have both 604800 seconds as expiration time (7 days) but the token lasts for two hours!
See the files below:

I just created a new one and it’s the same, two hours. Could it be something wrong with how I abtain the token?

A little update, I just found out that the token provided as test under API details > test is correct and reads correctly from the settings, but not the tokens created by the url (posted avobe).
Very strange problem, I didn’t have any problems in my precious projects…