Third Party Authorization


I’m having trouble with completing an oauth2 simple flow with a third party application. I’m using this sample to to perform a simple oauth2 flow.

When I use a first party application (id = Uwjmtz9FhO8srv5W2SkuEiValx8lnvkE) everything works like a charm, but when I’m using a 3rd party app (id = 5OaJ1pnnjXW8uVyDfy6mseRBBHUJKNnC) it gives me an error access_denied (The correct application_type is missed)

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Check your tenant logs for additional info, maybe this is coming from a rule or action?


Thanks John, I wasn’t aware of the logs section. Anyway, after creating a new 3rd party app in a different tenant, it worked like a charm