Test Accounts Causing Error

I am creating my test accounts in this format:

lets say my base account was: Bob@companyname.com

In order to try to get new accounts through the flow with my current email I am using modifiers (+ random string or numbers):


For whatever reason when use the login function with an account other than the one I just created it still pulls back the most recent account. So lets say I created “Bob+boy@companyname.com” last but then try to log in with my main account “Bob@companyname.com” I am getting the id, token, email/ all information for the account “Bob+boy@companyname.com” or some other random account.

This can be troublesome as I need the correct corresponding token_id to call out API’s.

I am clearing out everything from local storage using the auth0 logout function.

Is there a fix to this or a better way to create test accounts?