Template with prompt.name == 'mfa' or prompt.screen.name == 'mfa-enroll-result

I am trying to customize the MFA Enroll window and have created a template checking for prompt.name and prompt.name.screen but the window doesn’t seem to render with my changes for the mfa enroll process. They work fine with the MFA verification step.

As a simple test, I have set the following template. It wasn’t rendering properly in this post, so I took liberty to tweak to make it render but basically I simply have a TITLE with the prompt and screen values.

< !DOCTYPE html>
< head>
< title> GLS2 p {{ prompt.name }} s {{ prompt.screen.name }}
{%- auth0:head -%}
< /head>
< body>
{%- auth0:widget -%}
< /body>< /html>

When I go through the login process window, the titles reflect my change above. When I go through the MFA Verification, the window is correct. However, if I send an MFA Enroll email and when I follow the link in the email, I simply get the standard Secure You Account title, not the ones reflected in my template.

Is there something about the MFA Enroll process that doesn’t use the template?

Below are a couple of the screenshots of the window titles showing the problem.


The mfa enrollment link shows my path and ticket and works perfectly, other than the title which prevents me from being able to customize just those windows.

Any suggestions?