Store user_data to my database server

Hello all,
Please do tell if it’s possible in free trial account

I am a newbie and wasted 2 days doing this, please guide me.
i have free trial account, is it possible to get just username and user_id into my database (at some other server) after every signup. If yes, please provide some useful links or some starter code, if possible.

I have tried database connections but probably it is for paid accounts only so my custom database is giving no effect.
I tried rules for getting data on first login but in lack of knowledge of idToken - how to send data and how to retrieve (also couldn’t find documentation for that), i had to leave that also

Any help is appreciated

Hi @passenger, welcome to Auth0 community.

Most of the functionality can be accessed during the free trial. Regarding your specific question, there are two ways:

  1. If you want to make your own database the datastore for users, that’s possible with a custom database. In this case, Auth0 will connect to your database each time an operation such as login, user creation or password reset is triggered.
  2. If you only want to add an entry to your database whenever a new user signs up, that can be done in a post-user registration hook. User details such as the ID and and email will be here. You can either call an API on your backend or directly connect to the DB to send the data.