Status pending when sending emails via API

Hey Auth0 Community.

My use case scenario is as follows: a new user signs up via Lock, they get registered, and they are redirected to their Laravel-powered “Dashboard”. Which is already working well.

However, I disabled the Verification Email (using Link) Template (User Management > Branding > Email Templates) because I need the users to receive the Email Verification email message at a later time, as opposed to immediately after registering.

And therefore, I have a Vue.JS-driven component through which I intend to give the user the ability of requesting a verification code to be sent to their registered email address via the Auth0 Management API as described in the docs!/Jobs/post_verification_email.

But while the request is being successfully sent, and the response is being returned from the API, the status of the request is “pending”. I understand that as per this topic, the status of the email template that I intend to use has to be enabled, but under User Management > Branding > Email Templates > Verification Email (using Code) Template, there is no status toggle for me to turn on.

What’s the solution to this problem?

Many thanks!

Any ideas, guys? Anyone?