Static ip addresses for calling auth0 using custom domain name

We are having some issues getting Auth0 to our allowed list, since some part of our networks does not have the capability to allow access based on hostnames. The documentation states that it is not possible to give a static ip for but in the part Add IP Addresses to AllowList it states that:

If your Auth0 subscription allows you to configure a self-managed custom domain, you can implement the domain used to reach the service (the custom domain) to have a static IP address. With a self-managed custom domain, you have control over the network entry point and can ensure the static IP address for the custom domain on your side.

Is there more information on how to accomplishes what described above? I cannot find anything useful in Custom Domains. There it states that it should be CNAME DNS entry for the custom domain, which makes sense. How does one the get a setup where we in our own network only need to allow access to 1 ip when accessing

Hi @emil.enemaerke

This is referring to setting a CNAME for your tenant with self-managed certificates, not Auth0 managed certificates.

To use self managed certificates requires a reverse proxy, and that is what the info refers to: “you have control over the network entry point” since you control the reverse proxy.