SSO between ZenDesk and another OAuth2 app

Hello Community!

We have Zendesk successfully set up as an SSO integration in Auth0.
We also have another app ( that we have set up with SSO using oauth. This app works as well, in that we can log in to it.

What we’re trying to do is, if a user is logged in to ZenDesk they’d also be logged in to InSided. Right now if you’re in ZD and click a link to take you to our inSided instance, you have to log in once again.
What’s the piece we’re missing to make this work? I’ve read on cross-origin auth but I’m not sure if this is the case for what we’re trying to do.

Also should point out, we have not switched Universal Login to the new experience, we still be Classic. I’m honestly not sure if that plays a role.

Thanks all for your help!

Hey @eddie.nieves ,

Just to clarify on the 2nd part:

We also have another app ( that we have set up with SSO using oauth

Is this App ( also present in the same Auth0 tenant on which you have the Zendesk SSO integration?

If you can capture a HAR file of the flow and DM me would help to understand the flow.
Method to get HAR File :


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Hello Sidharth and team,

HAR file attached. Yes, same tenant by the way. (5.5 MB)

Hello again Sidharth and team,

One thing I overlooked noting in the post here. The ZenDesk SSO integration is using SAML, while InSided is using OAUTH2. Not sure if that makes a difference. Both apps are using username/password connection from the same DB.
Also, we can repro the behavior if we do the reverse:
*originally this ticket talks about signin not following you if you log in to ZenDesk and then click on a link in ZD that opens an InSided tab.
**the reverse is also true: if you log in to InSided and then click on a link that opens a ZenDesk tab you are not signed in to the latter.