SSO between sites

We have the need to create a SSO environment and I’m wondering if the following 2 things are possible.

  1. Can we “share” our current implementation of auth0 that we use for our company applications to also authenticate against another application (from a different company) that perhaps uses oauth or openID?

  2. For our internal applications can we use Auth0 as the authentication engine, but allow users to use the password that is used for our local network via AD Active Directory? So Auth0 would still handle authorization, but users use their AD/network password…?

Hi @jmarshallbh

I think the answer to both is yes, though I don’t very well understand the first.

Check out AD Connector for the second:

For the first, maybe you could create a Federated OpenID Connect connection:


Are those 2 things available with the Free version of Auth0?