SSO and Winforms C#

I am very new to Auth0.

I have been tasked with implementing a SSO solution using WinForms and C#

Looking through the documentation has confused me. I have implemented the WinForms tutorial at Auth0 WPF / Winforms SDK Quickstarts: Login and it works fine. The next step is to have one WinForms app call another, passing the access token from the first app, allowing the second app to login without prompting for credentials.

This is where things get fuzzy. I am not sure how the relatively simple Auth0 setup demonstrated in the WinForms tutorial maps into the much more complicated Autho0 setup described I the SSO tutorial. I am obviously missing something. It further complicates the issue when there is no WinForms SSO example to be found anywhere, only a JavaScript / web based example.

On top of this when completing the questionnaire at Which OAuth 2.0 Flow Should I Use? I see that I should be using the Authorization Code Flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) flow since this is a native app. Is that the flow that is implemented in the WinForms tutorial that I referred to above?

Please, some advice and general recommendations would be appreciated to get me started on the SSO part of this.