SPA: Renew token using login/password

We are currently using the single page login flow.

Our logged in users fill out long surveys, so for them to get an error about them not being logged because of a token expiring when submitting a form would be a disaster.

Our current solution is to look at the expiresIn time and then 5 minutes before it kicks in we show a email and password prompt where the user is already filled out and the user can either put in a password or click a button to get redirected and login as a different user.

We only want the users to be logged in for 7 hours and for that time to be extended, the user will have to input a valid login/password

However we cant seam to find an auth0 endpoint that will validate the username/password and send back a new token, the webAuth.login() forces a redirect upon success but that would disturb the form submission for the user…

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