SPA refresh token without a ContextProvider

I am using the Auth SPA SDK in a React SPA and I understand that I should not use a refresh token and only use the in-memory copy of the token. The docs mention that the SDK handles session management and other details. Where can I find out more about these details?

The SDK offers the “getTokenSilently” method to automatically refresh the token after it expires. I am not using the Auth0Context.Provider to wrap my app, but rather the vanilla JS version where I instantiate the auth0 client directly since my entire app needs to be behind the login flow. Given that I don’t render my app unless the user is properly authenticated, how can I check that the token expired?

Where can I find out more about these details?

Did you read this QuickStart guide?

I don’t know much about react because I use Angular. Please take a look at Angular guide too because underlying methods is the same. Angular guide is well-explained about Auth0Client methods imo.

Please check the end of this session.

If you wanna know more, how about checking github source.

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