Spa isAuthenticated always return false

Hi, i´m not sure why isAuthenticated is always returning false and the user is not set, not sure if it got lost in the contex, i´m using withAuth0 as HOC(still tried with useAuth0 and got the same result), the sample app works actually, the config seems the same(actually copy pasted the config from the sample app), also the callback url and redirectUri are http://localhost:3000(using window.location.origin)
the version i´m using is “@auth0/auth0-react”: “^1.8.0”

here is how i´m calling the config

const providerConfig = {

domain: {domain},

clientId: {clinetId},

audience: {audience},

redirectUri: window.location.origin,

scope: “read:current_user update:current_user_metadata”,





  <App />


the login button

                <button onClick={
                    () => {
                }>Log In</button>;

and in another component i´m simply calling
console.log(this.props.auth0.isAuthenticated); => false
console.log(this.props.auth0.user); => undefined

the components are being returned with the wrap with withAuth0 for example

export default withAuth0(User);