Slow performance

Hi There,

Right now, Auth0 adds around 700ms in page load time.

We integrated auth0 before the hook lib was available, but followed the previous tutorial to the letter.
I find it suboptimal to have designed a system that can answer queries in less than 80ms-300ms, but have a JS adapter that takes its sweet time to sequence the calls for no reason.

  • Is it normal?
  • Should I migrate to the useAuth0 hook which should fix this?

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Hey there!

Can you provide us with a HAR file so we can inspect the logs? Please make sure to send them to me via private message.

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I sent you a private message with the HAR in attachement.

Perfect! I’ll investigate that shortly!

Hey there!

Sorry for the delay in response. From time to time we’ve got small hiccups with bandwidth due to holiday season.

All in all, I managed to investigate the HAR file you sent me via DM and indeed there are a couple of requests to our services with higher response times.

Can you tell me if you’re consistently experiencing that or it’s only happening from time to time?

30% of the time I would say.

It continues to slow down regularly and my co developers started to complain about it as well.
I migrated to use the auth0-react module now, so we are 100% out of tutorial kind of situation.
What can we do to speed up this boot time?