Slack wordpress integration


I’ve been looking for a way to enable users to log into wordpress pages with their slack credentials so that only members in my slack community can access to pages in my blog.

Would it possible to do so with Auth0? If so, can you tell me how to do this?

I found the following two topics related to Slack + Wordpress integration;

but I cound’t quite understand how I achieve it.
Seems like I can make this happen using ‘Custom Social Connection’ but I could only find ‘Social Connections’ and there is no ‘Slack’ option.

I also found ‘Slack’ option in ‘SSO integrations’ but my understanding is that this section is for something like user can log into slack with SSO? not the case where the user log into something WITH slack?
(and also my slack is free plan so there is not options shown in the tutorial in SSO integrations)

I installed Auth0 plugin for wordpress but quite not sure what to do.

Could anyone suggests instruction that I can follow?