Skip Authentication if user recently got authenticated while calling /authorize

I have use case where /authorize will be called twice, while calling second time don’t want to re authenticate user again. Is there any way to skip this re authentication ?

As you have not mentioned if you are doing it for a SPA, or a native application I presume you are using it for a native application. No, I don’t think there is any way to skip the re-authentication. Because authentication will be done via the front channel where browser will be involved. Browser may store the the credential entered by you the first time but the popup and redirection to authorisation server will still be there and you will end up getting two new authorization code each time you call /authorize API. So second time when you reauthorise an alert with a very fast browser popup will occur depending on how you implement to handle the front channel(i.e by using ASWebAuthenticationSession or SFSafariViewController in case of iOS). I still don’t advice to use reauthentication

Thanks @dharasis.behera for the very quick reply very much appreciated. My use case is, in the callback url where JWT token is available i did some processing using JWT token. Now Auth0 rules has to be executed again to use that processing info and add more claims to token. To re-execute rules i am calling /authorize, is there any better way to do this ?

Gotcha! Long back i read about /continue…hope this helps you!

Thanks @dharasis.behera I have tried this, but the issue i found here is, in the redirect url path i am not able to get JWT token. For my processing i need JWT token. Am i missing something ?

Hi y’all,

Silent authentication will work: Configure Silent Authentication


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Hi @john.gateley I have tried Silent Authentication as well, it leads Login required Error.