Single user base for same set of applications running in different instances

We are evaluating Auth0 for our host of application. We maintain separate instances for premium tenants
and have common instance for rest of our tenants (org) . Each instance currently have own user database. We provide
org specific logo and password management to our users. With Auth0 , we want to consolidate user base to a single instance
which will authenticate all our users across our applications in different instances.
Few of the users(typically Customer support) will also have access to multiple tenant ( including one running in multiple instances)
user can login with username/pwd or LDAP .

  1. If we go for single user base , how can we manage tenant(org) -wise password settings and tenants logo in Universal login? Is it possible to pass the logo url as part of auth request ?
  2. Do Auth0 provide Password expiry setting or password expiry reminder out of the box? Or we need to write custom rules for the same?

Any help will be really appreciated.

Hi there @shyamalid, I would be happy to help you while you explore this path. We actually have a couple pieces of documentation related to multi tenant apps with Auth0 and instating password changes which I feel like is a good starting point. When you get a chance give these a look and I would be happy to assist with any questions, thanks!

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