Single Sign-On SAML issue on ASP.NET

Hi, I’m testing a Single Sign-On login using Auth0 as the Service Provider. I have defined one tenant, one Regular Web Application (ASP.NET (OWIN)), and one SAML Connection for that application. Now I have only one client that will use Single Sign-On on my web application but I would like to add others in the future. So my question is, should I define one SAML connection per IdP, all for the same Application or should I define one Application and connection for each IdP? I will like to have just one Application defined on Auth0 because I can only have one Domain, ClientId and ClientSecret defined on my Web Application since this parameters should be declared on the application’s startup, but I don’t know if it’s possible.

Hi @fzanetti,

For the situation you described, where you will have multiple clients wanting to log into your app with their own user-bases, using multiple connections enabled for one application makes sense.
This methodology is mentioned here:

Please note however that there are limits on the number of applications and connections you can create per tenant, based on your subscription plan, so you may need to modify your subscription as your customer base grows -