Signup link in Lock 2 for iOS/Android SDK

Is there a way to provide a signup link to open an external website for signup, just like in the web Lock API (when customizing Auth0Lock in the Auth0 UI) in the iOS/Android Lock 2 SDK ?

Yes, you can achieve this functionality by simply redirecting to your registration page when user click on registration button and hide the default registration page. You need to call auth0 management API /signup once you take all required input fields and want to register user at auth0.

Sorry, I’m not sure how you’re proposing to achieve this. Can you elaborate on how to redirect to my own page?

See below the Android code to show the lock screen. Once I change allowSignUp to “true”, it shows the signup, but it’s got the username/password fields. What I’d like is for the “signup” link to open a webpage in Safari/Chrome on the mobile device, outside of the app.


lock = Lock.newBuilder(auth0, new AuthenticationCallback() {
             // some callback methods
                .withScope("openid email profile offline_access")