Signup after email verified

I am integrating auth0 with my wordpress website and in Email Verified template I have set
{{ application.callback_domain }}
as my “Redirect To” url, so users are redirected to the website immediately after the email verification completes.
When they land on the website though they are not logged in and the account is not created (yet)

Is there a way to resume/finalize the signup and login process when they are redirected to the website after the email verification?

Hello, @plweb,

In this case, I think that the best you can do is redirect them to your /authorize endpoint. If there is a session already in place, it will just redirect them to WordPress with the necessary callback info. If there is not, it will ask them to log in.

Users who have not yet signed up would never receive a verification email, so signups should not be an issue.

Let me know if this helps.