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Sign-up customization

Hello everyone,

It is possible to edit the sign up form, to be able to fill given name and last name or some other custom parameter?

Thanks in advance

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Hey there @xlin, you can have customize the additional signup fields in the custom login page of the Classic ULP (Universal Login Page), which is to be found under the Auth0 Dashboard > Universal Login > Login tab > check "Customize login page" . Check it out when you get a chance and let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks @James.Morrison, Do you guys have certain documentation on how to add additional fields ? or how to edit that custom login page?, i had arrived there but im not sure on how im supposed to edit it.

Toggling the Customize Login Page toggle to enabled. It then could look like something along these lines:

additionalSignUpFields: [{  
    name: "fullname", 
    placeholder: "Full name"
     }] ,

@James.Morrison i found that documentation, it worked for the sign up thanks so much. Now i got into another problem, im trying to receive that data in the claims of the User (in .Net Core), but i dont seam to find it, Do i need to configure anything else to get those parameters after loggin in ?

Do you find it in the Dashboard with the associated user? If not there’s a problem with how you may be saving the data.

I found the info in the dashboard as user_metadata, but when i receive the user object(after loggin) in my project even though i already added the scopes for that, they do not show up as part of the claims.

Im not sure if im missing something or if the user_metadata will never be on the claims and i have to get the user_metadata from somewhere else.

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