Sign In With Apple [Product Roadmap: Launched]

Auth0 has added support for the new beta Apple social connection that enables all Auth0 customers to start evaluating ‘Sign in with Apple’ in their applications. As with all Social Connections, you can enable it in the dashboard:

and then be able to use it:

Be sure to check out our announcement in the Auth0 blog or our supporting documentation.

Have a question or feedback? Visit our Sign In With Apple Beta Category!


Sign In With Apple is officially launched and with that we just released a new blog on how to implement Sign In with Apple easily on IOS apps. When you get a chance, give it a look and let us know what you think!

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@James.Morrison I’d like to use this, but I’m also using username/password authentication and need to continue supporting that. For username/password authentication we need to use email validation. Is there any way I can skip email validation for users who sign in with Apple? Is this already done automatically and sets the email_verified flag to true? Please advise. Thanks!

@jpollard-cs I checked a senior engineer and it sounds like Apple returns an email they randomly create to represent the user and the email is not automatically verified. I hope this helps but if by chance you need more assistance please let us know in a new thread and we can take a look at your specific challenge, thanks!