Sign in with Apple opens website rather than native SIWA dialog in iPhone app

I am using Lock.swift in my native iOS application. For Sign in with Apple, all configurations have been added as per the instructions here - Add Sign In with Apple to Native iOS Apps

Auth0 login is being used in both my app as well as a related website. When I tap on the SIWA button in the login screen, the user is redirected to the website instead of being shown the native SIWA dialog. Before that, I do get an alert asking “xxx wants to use to Sign in. This allows the app and website to share information about you”

Is this expected behavior? Or am I missing something in the code/configurations? If not, is there any way to show the SIWA dialog on tapping the Apple login button rather than in-app web page?

  • Using Lock.swift (release 2.22.2)
  • iOS 14.5

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