Sign in alert is displaying on google signout and its opening browser to clear cache and signout particular account

I’m integrated google login in my IOS app and I’m using the following code to logout from google:

.webAuth().clearSession(federated: true) { (success) in


Its logout the user but there are 2 things that needs to be fixed:

  1. Its displaying sign in to google alert when we want to logout the user like attached screenshot

  2. Its opening browser again to log out the user and clear cache, if we integrate google separately in our app then it does logout the user on backend and user does not have to see the page and then have to close it like attached screenshot

Hi, @saba.anwar,

1 is showing because the federated logout request has to go through the browser, and that is how iOS takes those requests. This is an implementation on the Apple side and has nothing to do with Auth0.

For 2, this is because Google does not allow for the redirection to non-Google sites after a logout. You have to either choose an account to continue, or redirect to a Google site. So, a Google federated logout will always result like this. This is controlled by Google and not by Auth0, and once the request has been passed on to the IdP, the IdP has full control over what they want to do, not do, or ignore.

As a personal recommendation, I highly suggest against using federated logout. It is an old practice, and with the implementation of SSO, it can be annoying to the end-user. Do you intend to log them out of their personal accounts because they logged out of your application?

Hi @joseantonio.rey ,
I have the problem described in number 2 of @saba.anwar 's post.
For the app I’m working on I need to log out of google to allow users to log in with another google account. Now when the user logs out the session is reset, but then the browser shows the page to select the google account, instead it should close to go back to the app.
How can I do? Is there a way to go back to the app or to clear the cookies?