Setting up Auth0 on Mobile - Multiple Applications/Databases

Hi everyone

We’re looking to set-up Auth0 on both our web app and mobile app.

We have architected the tenant to be split per application/customer so that the databases are separated.

When looking to build this into mobile, we don’t quite know how the universal login screen will know which auth0 application the customer is trying to login to.

The mobile app is open to all our users so not split between applications/environments/instances etc. In theory, we would need to look through every application/database to check the credentials/access.

Does anyone have any guidance or use cases on how best to approach the solution?



Welcome to the Auth0 Community, @mark.graham!

First of all, it’s not completely clear to me how you’ve architected your tenant. I’m assuming you are talking about a B2B architecture. If so, I would recommend reviewing our Business to Business Identity and Access Management documentation since B2B implementations can become complex very easily. You may need to reach out to our Auth0 Professional Services too.

If you are using an Auth0 database connection, you would specify the client_id when you try to navigate to the login page. client_id is a mandatory parameter as documented in our Authentication API

Have you checked out our Quickstart guides? There, you will find many different quickstarts that will help you set up your applications to use Universal Login. The Quickstart guides will walk you through all of the implementation steps.

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Hey @Ale

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

You’re right on that assumption, it’s B2B architecture. We have set our Web App architecture up with multiple Auth0 Applications for each customer, therefore, we will have multiple client_ids and the databases for each customer are separated. (this is perfect for us)

We would like a similar architecture for our Mobile App, but as we only have 1 Auth0 application and 1 client_id for mobile, if we connect all our different databases to this application, it looks like we need a way to identify which database to associate that customer with when they login.