Setting up auth0 authorization extension for mobile apps


I am new to Auth0 and I am trying to integrate Auth0 + Firebase with a web and mobile app. My issue here is more focused towards mobile and I have figured out how to setup Auth0 with Firebase and it’s security rules.

My issue is related authorization via the extension. In the web app version I use something like node + passports js and in there I am able to create a user to group system where users mapped to certain apps defined by groups. I can redirect users to the appropriate web app given the groups that they belong to. No issues on this end.

For mobile the story is different. Unlike creating a page like the web app I have, I need to authenticate and validate the access of the mobile app via groups. I am wondering if this is possible and how this works with auth0?

Let’s say I have 2 apps and 2 users.
Users A and B
Apps C and D

User A has access to Apps C and D
User B only has access to App C

How would I make sure that user B can only access App C and not App D?
Is it possible to map authorization groups to application?