Setting "Requires username" causes strange behaviour in universal login signup

As can be seen in the screenshot, when a user types in their username and goes onto the next step, the email field is blank, and the username field is pre-filled with their email.

I take it this isn’t the intended behaviour?

Hey there!

That indeed shouldn’t happen. Are you using New Universal Login? Can you send me your tenant name via private message here in the forum?

I’ve stopped using multi-step universal auth now as users couldn’t sign up.

The email is empty and not editable, so it’s impossible to sign up.

I think you could probably replicate this by turning on new universal login + multi-step + require username

Thanks for providing the context. I’ll pass it along to appropriate team!

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Hey there!

Got a little update. The team added this item to their backlog so they can fix it. As soon as it’s implemented I’ll let you know!