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Hi, everyone. I’m new to Auth0 and to coding in general (1 year of JS/React experience) so bear with me, please.

I’ve made a test app which uses Auth0 universal login, but when i sign up the “name” property becomes the email I used to register with. Alternatively, if i sign in with a Google account, and that account does not have a real first name/last name, the name property gets populated with whatever the google account has stored.

So, what i want is to make the user of the app fill in their real first name and last name, so that it can be used in a real world application where this info is critical. My question is: how do i achieve this?

Could you give me a push in the right direction? It seems like I would need some additional fields in the sign in dialog box that takes the first name and last name, and stores this.

Hi @arnelamo and welcome to Auth0 Support! :slightly_smiling_face: :tada:

You’re initial instinct was correct, you can add additional fields to the Classic Universal Login, more information regarding that can be found here:

Let me know if this gets your solution up and running.


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Thanks, @colin.coutts :pray:


We’re here for you @arnelamo!

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