Set configuration object

Hi there,

I’m trying the export/import feature in Auth0 and upon checking on the exported files,
I noticed that I cannot find related data to the configuration object that normally we can use in rules or custom database script.
Is this properties not exported purposely and can I override the setting to export the configuration ?

I found that we can use rulesConfig as key-value pair for rules configuration. Is there similar thing for connection script ?

Thank you

Hey there @deddyarief!

Would you mind sharing your overall usecase so I can understand on high level what you are trying to achieve as I’m not sure based on the context your provided

Hi Konrad,

When we are creating rules or custom database script, we are able to access values we set in configuration (key-pair value).
For example I have set setting of “key1”: “value123”, in Auth0 the value will be encrypted. This defined config will then accessible in our script with configuration.key1.
I’m just wondering why these configurations is not exported when I perform an export command in auth0-deploy-cli and how to set it (cause I only aware of ruleConfigs) for later perform import.

Hope I explain my intention.
Thank you.