Session sharing between wordpress site and my forum nodejs app

I am planning to use auth0 planning mechanism. I configured SSO Login for my wordpress site( and my forum site which is a nodejs ( which is subdomain.SSO works good I can able to login in both sites. But I couldnt able to figure out the session sharing, I mean the when i login in my main domain I want to share the same session to my subdomain. My nodejs application recommends to set a cookie with id and username with jwt signed so that they can use to decode that. Not sure how to integrate autho for both apps to enable seemless transition for login and logout. If you can advise would be great.

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@nethra2489 were you able yo find an answer for this? I am looking for something similar.

Yes, I switched to use wordpress SSO and used custom jwt.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!