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Service Accounts sharing Email for management

Legacy set of service accounts that use Basic authentication with username and password to access the API/Services that we provide. These service accounts share email address depending on who is responsible to manage the passwords forming a many accounts to one email address relationship. We want to move all of these accounts into Auth0 and offer better authentication flows for existing and new services being developed but the unique email address requirement is preventing this migration. Many of these accounts are external clients/applications and are not expected to have resources to adapt to a new flow.

What is the recommended approach for migrating old service accounts like these that share a managing email address where they cannot be added as Applications to auth0?

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Welcome and Thank you for posting in Auth0 Community @matts1 :tada:

Auth0 supports automatic migration of users from a custom database connection to Auth0. By activating this feature, your users are:

  • Moved to Auth0 the first time they log in after you set up the integration.
  • Not asked to reset their password as a result of the migration.

I would recommend reading these docs:

Please let us know if this is helpful or if you have any more questions.